Lesson 5 Position Words

In this lesson we will learn position words using “arimasu” あります and “imasu” います.
Here are some position words:
ue うえ (on) , shita した (under)soba そば (beside)mukou むこう(opposite side)ushiro うしろ (behind).
When using these position words the particle “ni” に is added to after the position word and “no” の is added before the position word. To see this look at the examples below.
“ano ki no ue ni tori ga imasu.”
On top of that tree there is a bird.
Ano あの (that)ki き (tree) no une  ni のうえに(on top of) tori とり (bird).

“isu no shita ni hon ga arimasu.”
Under the chair there is a book.
Isu いす (chair) no shita ni のしたに (underneath) hon ほん (book).

There rest are used in the same way with  (place) no の (position) ni  に.
Also remember to make sure you use “imasu” います and “arimasu” あります correctly.

Now here is a little question and answer dialog using these forms below.
Vocab: neko ねこ – catdoko どこ – wheretsukue つくえ – deskhon ほん book.
neko wa doko ni imasu ka.
Where is the cat?
neko wa tsukue no shita ni imasu.
The cat is under the desk.

.anata no hon wa doko ni arimasu ka.
Where is your book?

watashi no hon wa isu no ue ni arimasu.
My book is on the chair.

Negative Examples
The cat is not under the table.
neko wa tsukue no shita ni wa imasen.

Notice how wa は is added after ni に.
More about this detail in a future lesson.

My book is not on the chair.
Watashi no hon wa isu no ue ni wa arimasen.

 This lesson’s Counter

This Counter is for counting birds. It used the counter wa.

1 bird ichiwa
2 birds niwa
3 birds sanba
4 birds yonwa
5 birds gowa
6 birds rokuwa
7 birds shichiwa
8 birds hachiwa
9 birds kyuwa
10 birds jippa
How many birds. nanba

Good Luck!