Lesson 7 The Particle “O”

In this lesson we will learn the object particle “o” を. When used in writing the hiragana used for this particle is “wo” を.
An easy verb to lean that uses this particle is the verb “to buy” “kaimasu” かいます. The dictionary form is “kau” かう.
Here is an example.
Watashi wa ringo o kaimashita.
I bought an apple.
watashi わたし (I)wa は (topic market)ringo りんご (apple)o を (particle to show what the verb is using)kaimashita かいました (bought).
Note: kaimashita かいました is the past tense of form of “kaimasu” かいます.

That is the basic sentence pattern.
Now if you want to say where you bought the apple we use the particle ‘de’ で to mark the place where you did something. There is another use of this particle “de” で which will be explained in a future lesson.
Watashi wa yaoya de ringo o kaimashita.
I bought a apple at the vegetable shop.

Ritsuko san wa kutsuya de kutsu o kaimshita.
Ritsuko bought shoes at the shoe store.
kutsuya くつや (shoe store)de で (at)kutsu くつ (shoes) o を (particle)kaimashita かいました (bought).

You can even add the counter we learned before to say how many things you bought.
Watashi wa yuubinnkyoku de kitte o yonmai kaimashita.
I bought 4 stamps at the post office.
Watashi  わたし (I)wa は (topic marker) yuubinkyoku ゆうびんきょく (post office)de で (at), kitte きって (stamp)o を  (particle)yonmai よんまい (four, counter for flat things) kaimshita かいました (bought).

Negative form.
For now I will not teach the negative form of the verbs, because I will dedicate a lesson to the forms of verbs that will include this in a future lesson.

That is the basic pattern so practice these forms and change the vocabulary to practice these!

Ganbatte kudasai!